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Puzzle Medical Devices is founded

Puzzle Medical Devices Inc., a Montreal-based medtech startup focusing efforts on patients suffering from heart failure, was founded by François Trudeau, robotics engineering, Jade Doucet-Martineau, mechanical engineering and Gabriel Georges, cardiac surgery.

Francois Trudeau is our engineering and product development lead. Leveraging his robotics engineering background, his expertise spans several technical areas including project management, product design and manufacturing – all balanced through previous successful startup experience.

Jade Doucet-Martineau is our business development and corporate affairs lead. With a background in mechanical engineering, she excels in project management, operations, communications, finances and more.

Gabriel Georges is our clinical and medical affairs lead. Expanding his training in cardiac surgery, his expertise and focus covers several areas including clinical engineering, clinical research, regulatory affairs and preclinical trial strategy.

The essence of a project is defined by the passion of the team that drives it. We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work together with our team every day towards a common goal of developing an optimal solution for patients with advanced heat failure.


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