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Manufacturing and Testing Lead

Puzzle Medical is presently seeking a highly motivated Manufacturing and Testing Lead. The candidate will elaborate and perform extensive tests on catheter based systems. The perfect candidate would need to have a versatile skill set and be a quick learner. This position would overview the internal and external verifications and validations necessary to receive approval by the regulatory agencies to bring a safe product to market. Furthermore, the candidate will play an active role in perfecting the Quality Management System to comply with the required standards, such as ISO 13485, and in building a robust supply chain.

Technical Writer

Puzzle Medical is presently seeking a highly motivated Technical Writer. The candidate will work in close collaboration with the engineering team to fully grasp the potential of the new technologies developed. The candidate will perform patentability searches, draft the patent applications and communicate with the company’s patent attorneys. The perfect candidate would have previous experience in the medical device industry and would be able to provide previous applications he or she worked on.  It is key for this individual to have a deep understanding of the novelty, inventiveness and utility requirements in the medical device innovation sector. 

Electronic Designer

Puzzle Medical is presently seeking a highly motivated Electronic designer, with experience in embedded system design, electronic compliance testing and manufacturing of medical devices electronic systems. The successful candidate will undertake electrical engineering projects from prototype to production in a R&D lab work environment. The Electronic designer will work hands-on cooperatively with a cross-functional development team including members with expertise from all areas involved in product development through commercialization.