Dr Philippe Généreux, CMO, is once again named one of world’s most highly cited researchers

Dr Philippe Généreux, Puzzle Medical's Chief Medical Officer, is once again named one of world’s most highly cited researchers. We are honored to work alongside Dr Philippe Généreux to grow Puzzle Medical Devices Inc. ! Congrats !

Dr. Géneréux has been published more than 458 times in peer-reviewed cardiology journals, and has been cited nearly 15,000 times.

“I am passionate about investigating new therapies, devices, and strategies that could lead to improve patient care and, ultimately, save life”, said Dr. Géneréux. “It is critical that physician researchers continue to explore new ways to treat cardiac diseases and share their results broadly. I am honored that the important work my teams and I have done has been cited by our peers in their own research and have helped advance medicine.”

Read more here: https://www.newswise.com/articles/morristown-medical-center-s-dr-philippe-g-n-reux-again-named-one-of-world-s-most-highly-cited-researchers