In North America alone, heart failure kills more than one person every minute.

Unmet need

There are currently 26 million people with heart failure worldwide, resulting in a global healthcare spending of $108B.


of these patients suffer from advance heart failure.


of the global cost are for the 10% advanced heart failure patients.

Current treatments are not optimal

While great improvements in chronic heart failure therapy have been achieved in the last decade, mortality and readmission rates have seen a limited impact. Current hemodynamic support options are extremely costly and require open heart surgery, making them a rarely offered solution.


patients need a new heart

in North America alone.

97.6 %

patients will only receive medical management, despite a 50% mortality over 2 years.


annual cost in North America alone.

What is heart failure ?

Heart failure is a very common chronic condition where the heart is no longer able to pump blood efficiently


Patients with heart failure are very fragile and prone to acute decompensation of their condition leading to repeated hospital readmissions. Heart failure is irreversible and eventually becomes refractive to medical therapy.

Advanced heart failure patients generally lead a very limited life by shortness of breath, which can be manifested during exercise and at rest. 

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